Sweet Bonanza Strategy

Online software developers are now much more likely to take an already-existing game and modify it to fit a live dealer experience.

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With the release of Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live, Pragmatic Play has joined the ranks of NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt. And if you’ve ever played this developer’s Sweet Bonanza online slot game, you’ll know that it is filled with candy, treats, and other sweet stuff. You may have a valid question about how the game will function in a real-world situation. Thankfully, we’re here to provide information about how Sweet Bonanza Candyland functions and what to anticipate.

It also features a money wheel, which sets it apart from the average slot machine game. Of course, game hosts are also in motion to ensure that everything is still fascinating. However, with the broad setting in which these hosts and the game appear Pragmatic Play did a fantastic job of re-creating the sugary, candy-filled environment you’d find in this sweet bonanza online slot game.

Sweet Bonanza Strategy that Works

When you fully understand how the sweet bonanza slot machine works on the inside, you can go straight to the response to the question, «How to win?» Since the outcome of each game is random and entirely up to the RNG, it’s essential to figure out which betting strategy works best and test it (ideally in demo mode, without real money). Since the game slots are made so well, the mathematical expectation stays negative. Despite this, each player still has a good chance of winning.

One obvious answer is to keep betting until the balance reaches conditional x2. Here, it’s important not to try to make up for bad luck by taking money out of the bank, since that will almost always leave you with no money in the bank.

In the game slot Sweet Bonanza, the player’s job is to make it more likely to drop 4 or more lollipops, giving them free spins, sweet bombs, and multipliers. Let’s identify the strategy’s fundamental guidelines as follows:

  • Before putting money into the account, try out the chosen sweet bonanza strategies in the demo account.
  • In the event of a «white stripe,» putting a considerable sum or the entire balance at stake, it is important to be able to quit immediately, not to claim back and not to be greedy.
  • Increase your chances of receiving multipliers by using a double chance or buying more spins.
  • It’s best to spread your bets to minimise losses and increase your potential payouts.

These are the most important game suggestions for Sweet Bonanza. The player’s influence over what happens in slot games sweet bonanza is rather limited; their primary weapon is a bet. It is crucial to remember that using techniques does not ensure long-term financial success because there is no assurance of success. You can keep the deposit from going bankrupt by using the Martingale strategy, which involves doubling the sum after each loss. This sweet bonanza strategy also works for slot machines, although it is not a winning one; it just keeps the deposit from going bankrupt.

Bonus features for Sweet Bonanza Candyland Lives

The game’s wheel has 54 parts, and as we’ve already talked about, 8 of them show different extra features. These bonus features are all entertaining, so we’ll list them all here:

Sugar Bomb

A multiplier between 2 and 10x will be revealed if a wheel stops on the Sugar Bomb portion. Then the host spins the wheel again, and the winnings are increased by the multiplier’s amount when it falls. For the additional spin, your original wager is still in effect.

Candy Drop

In the Candy Drop game, you can choose from one of three colours before a pachinko-style game begins. The ball will fall from the top to the bottom while simultaneously gathering multipliers. These multipliers will eventually add up, and you will receive the payout.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Sweet Spins

When the wheel stops on Sweet Spins, you will be taken to a slot machine that looks like Sweet Bonanza. This is the fascinating part of the game. You’ll get 10 free spins, and each win will give you a multiplier. This multiplier will add up over all of your spins, and at the end, it will be used to multiply your bet. Additionally, Sweet Spins has lollipop symbols that can award extra spins.

Bubble Surprise

If the bubble surprise symbol appears on the wheel, you will receive 5x, 10x, Candy Drop or Sweet Spins as a reward.

Also, the Sugar Bomb Booster can be turned on, which doubles the multiplier if the Sugar Bomb feature appears. You’ll pay an extra 25% if you enable this function.

How to play Sweet Bonanza Candylive Live

When you participate in this live casino game, you will notice that the money wheel has 54 coloured sections. Most show the digits 1, 2, 5, or 10, but two show a Sugar Bomb icon, two show Candy Drop icons, and one shows a Sweet Spins picture. The game’s main objective is to predict where the wheel will stop after a host spins. If your wager is correct, you either win the monetary reward linked with it or are given access to a bonus round.

Therefore, you must first put a wager on your chosen number or digits. Also, bets can be placed on the Sweet Spins and Candy Drop features. When the betting is over, the wheel is spun, and if the pointer lands on the number you chose, you get paid for it. Up to 10 times, your wager can be earned by picking the correct numbers since you will be rewarded according to their worth if you are successful.

The hosts’ conversation while playing the game keeps you entertained in a delightfully pleasant way. You can take advantage of Sweet Bonanza Candyland’s potential RTP( return to player) rate of 96.48% and the interface’s additional buttons and features. Your past performance, the wage scale, and similar details are among these.